Bogdan is looking for a Room in Groningen

Bogdan is looking for: A Room in Groningen

  • Room
  • Min. 14 m2
  • Male
  • 25 Immediately

I have just finished highschool and I am about to begin
to study at the University of Groningen and I have big plans for the future. During highschool I have participated to many Humanitarian organizations such as Salvo ( the search and rescue group from my hometown) and also I took part at Grow and I have helped organize The Color Run event in my hometown. I've practiced some sports such as Basketball, Tennis ,Sky and Swimming and I've won a few competitions at each and every one of those sports. I love to listen to music and I have some very basic knowledge of how to play a Guitar (but I'm a quick learner).When it comes to cooking I am a beginner but I gladly accept some lessons about this "science". I am very friendly and I love to make lasting friendships.

General information: Bogdan
  Male, 26 years old